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Things to do

Sandy beaches are within walking distance (1/2 -3/4 hour) and the nearest bus stop is just a 5 minutes walk.


Things to do in the near surroundings:

Mamiku Gardens and Mamiku Estate:

A 5 minutes walk.

The estate was originally acquired in 1766 by the Baron de Micoud, once governor of St. Lucia. Today, it is owned by the Shingleton-Smith family, who transformed the estate into a fascinating botanical garden with over 200 varieties of plants. It is also a hardworking banana and fruit plantation.

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Frigate Islands Nature reserve:

The twin islands were named after the Frigate Bird 'Frigata magnificens'. The Frigate Islands is one of the few places where this spectacular bird can be seen nesting and roosting, particular during the months of May to July. During this period a flock of Birds can often be seen hovering over the islands.

A nature trail is leading through the xerophytic vegetation, across the cliffs and up to the lookout opposite Frigate Islands. It returns through a strip of fringing mangrove. In pre-Columbian times, the Arawaks and Caribs indians used to inhabit this coastal area.

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The Eastern Nature trail:

Developed in 1999 by the St. Lucia National Trust within the Praslin protected landscape - some 871 hectares of outstanding natural beauty. This 3.5 mile or 5.5 km skirts the east coast offering panoramic views across the Atlantic and some spectacular scenery.

In the nearby village of Praslin, fishermen can be seen using the ancient Amerindian technique of canoe building.

Praslin Island:

This is the home of the Blue Whiptail lizard. This brilliantly coloured reptile is unique to St. Lucia and can only be found on Praslin Island and Maria Island (Vieux-Fort).

Rainforest and waterfall:

A 20 minutes drive takes you deep into St. Lucia's interior, where the wild rainforest offers shelter to many species of birds, plants and animals.

Here starts a guided tour. Watch out for the rare St. Lucia parrot.

On the way home, visit and cool off under the waterfall.

It is easy to get around in St. Lucia. If you would like to hire a car, self- or chauffeur driven, we can arrange this for you. There is also a mini-bus service available, which works out much cheaper.


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